Bible Quizzing Registration Fees for April 12-14, 2018
Registration Type Early Bird
by Feb 19
by March 19
after March 19





Team Check-in

Coaches will receive their room assignment sheets at Summit check-in.

Dress Code

Awana encourages guys to wear collared shirts and slacks. Girls are encouraged to wear dresses, skirts or dress pants. Remember that the quizzers lean forward in their huddle and that they may be placed on a stage or platform. Please make sure they dress and sit appropriately not drawing attention to themselves or their team.

Rule Book

Download a copy of the official Summit Bible Quiz Rule Book below.

Quiz Preparation

Pray for your quizzers. Pray that the truths they are studying will have an impact on their lives! Select coaches to work with all prospective quizzers. Thoroughly review the materials and develop practice questions. Select team members as soon as possible. Explain the quiz rules to team members so they know what to expect. Work with team members to be sure they really understand the material they have memorized. Instruct team members to know all the memory verses and references word perfect.   Consider challenging another church to a quiz for extra practice. Drill team members in the various types of quizzing. Make sure everyone adheres to the quizzing rules in this book. Select one person to act as the team coach during the quiz meet.

Quiz Able Materials

All the memory verses and references (word perfect) from the “Gospel Wheel”, the Faith Foundation booklet, Current Year Old Testament Summaries, and Lesson 1.1 through Lesson 5.4 – from the Advocates Study Guide.   Additional materials include “Clear and Confusing Invitations” from the Gospel Wheel and the Current year Old Testament Book Summaries.  All content from Lessons 1.1 through 5.4 of the Advocates Bible Study Guide is quiz able material, meaning the Core Verse(s) and the introduction included with the passage, the Core Concepts section, including the Definition(s), and the Core Content (commentary in the book).  We will not ask Quizzers to quote other verses from the body of the lessons.


Wristbands are required for entry into the Bible Quiz competition. You are only allowed to enter a quiz room on the day your team is competing. Daily spectator passes will be available on-line at the Summit Registration Website or on-site at the Summit Office (Crossway Baptist Church, Room A3).

Study Materials

Study material to help you prepare for Bible Quizzing can be downloaded below or from

Bible Quizzing Venue Leader

Rick Hayes

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