Congratulations Citation Achievers on receiving the highest award in Awana! Most importantly, we are grateful for God's Word being hidden in your hearts.  We want to make this Citation Ceremony a memorable experience for you.  

Below are instructions that you will need to follow to receive your Citation Award and participate in the Citation and Closing Ceremony, Sat. April 14, 2018.

Download the Citation Award Certification (Part 1)

All Citation Achievers need to download and complete their Citation Award Certification Form below to receive their award.  Please either fax or email Cheryl Rauzi.  If you have any questions in regards to ordering your Award, please click on Contact Cheryl Rauiz below.

Contact Cheryl Rauiz

Download the Citation Recognition Form (Part 2)

In order to participate in the 2018 Summit Citation Ceremony held in Springfield, MO, download and complete the Citation Recognition Form below and email it to Russell and Ruth Foreman.  If you have any additional questions about participating in the Citation Ceremony, please click on Contact Russell & Ruth Foreman below.

Contact Russell & Ruth Foreman.

The deadline to submit both the Citation Award Certification Form and the Citation Recognition Form is March 10, 2018.

Citation Achievers bringing their Award to the Citation Ceremony

If you already have your Citation Award and want to participate in the 2018 Citation Ceremony, please notify both This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. that you are planning to attend and will also bring your Citation award to the Ceremony.  

Citation Achievers participating only in the Citation Ceremony need Wristbands

If you are planning to only attend the Citation Ceremony at Summit, you must complete both the Citation Award Certification Form and The Citation Recognition Form.  After completing both Forms,  register yourself and your guests for the Citation Ceremony through the Registration link.  Through the Registration link, you will purchase wristbands for you and all your guests to attend the Citation Ceremony only.  If you have any questions about purchasing wristbands for you and your guests, please contact Margie Uhlar through the Summit Registration link.   

Check-In Information (Choose only one option)

If you are attending Summit with your group, General Check-In for Citation Achievers is Thursday, April 12th.  You will need to personally Check-In at the Citation table.

If you are only attending the Citation Ceremony on Sat. April 14th, you must contact Russell and Ruth Foreman to make arrangements and receive details by the March 10th deadline.

Citation Achievers Arrival Time and Assigned Seating

All Citation Achievers should arrive for the Citation Meeting at the church on Sat. April 14th at 4 P.M.  It is mandatory that you attend.  Please make sure that you bring a snack or dinner to eat afterwards in a designated area.  Practice is only for Citation Achievers.  Family and friends will remain outside the sanctuary until the meeting is completed. After the Citation meeting, the Citation Achievers will remain during the Final Round of Bible Quizzing in which the Ceremony will start immediately afterwards.

Reserved seating will only be available for Citation Achievers.  We will be unable to accommodate family and friends Reserved seating.  There will be adequate time for family and friends to find seats before the Citation Ceremony starts.

Dress Code, Decorum, and Photographs

This is a momentous occasion in which we want to honor all Citation Achievers during the Ceremony.  After your Citation photo, please return back to your seats so that we can take a commemorative group photo at the end. Details will be given about the final photograph at the 4:30 PM Citation Meeting.  This will bless and inspire other Citation Achievers coming after you.

Regarding the dress code, you are being honored, and most of all, glorifying our Lord Jesus Christ during this formal occasion.  Please dress appropriately.

Transporting Your Award After the Ceremony

You will receive instructions at the 4:30 PM Citation Meeting on Sat. April 14th about transporting your Citation Award.  


Check out Awana's link for scholarships available for Citation Achievers at:

Summit Awana Citation Award Ceremony Venue Leaders

Russell and Ruth Foreman

Contact the Summit Awana Citation Award Ceremony Venue Leaders

Please check back often as information may be added or updated.